Police located a number of people drinking alcohol at the complainants home, after he was sent to prison. File Photo.
Police located a number of people drinking alcohol at the complainants home, after he was sent to prison. File Photo.

Woman hosts illegal party at imprisoned man's home

A CHERBOURG woman faced court this week after hosting a booze-fuelled bash at her former partners home, after he was sent to prison.

The defendant pleaded guilty to four charges before Cherbourg Magistrates Court on Wednesday (September 23), including trespassing on a private dwelling, two counts of possessing more than the prescribed quantity of liquor in a restricted area without a permit, and a public nuisance.

The public nuisance charge dates back to November, after police established a crime scene following a house fire on Bell Street at Cherbourg.

“There were a large number of people exiting Marshall Street after what appeared to be a party. (The officers) could hear a female screaming loudly, this was the defendant, she was about 50 metres from the police,” police prosecutor Pepe Gangemi said.

“They could hear her yelling f-ck off you black dog, f-ck off you black c-nt. I’ll fight you, you dogs.”

“This continued for about 10 minutes. She told police that was normal behaviour.”

On February 11, the defendant was charged with trespass and possessing liquor after she held a gathering at a property leased to her former partner, after he was incarcerated.

According to Sgt Gangemi, police attended the dwelling at 4.20pm that afternoon, where they found a number of people, including the defendant. Police subsequently located a large quantity of alcohol including “rum, wine, moscato, and vodka”.

Defence lawyer Alan Korobacz said “it is probably clear by now that she has a really difficult relationship with (the complainant).”

“While (the complainant) was away, she thought she had permission to use the house. When police attended the house, it was very clean and very orderly,” he said.

The other liquor possession charge dates back to February 28, after the defendant was intercepted while driving along a Cherbourg street. Police located a carton of Bundaberg rum, with 18 cans found in total.

For the public nuisance, Magistrate Andrew Sinclair convicted and fined the defendant $250.

For the possession and trespass charges from February 11, she was convicted and fined $500.

For the possession charge on February 28, she was convicted and fined $400.

Convictions have been recorded and all fines have been referred to SPER.