A Kingaroy woman has been placed on probation after hitting another person witht a baseball bat. Photo/File
A Kingaroy woman has been placed on probation after hitting another person witht a baseball bat. Photo/File

Violent baseball bat rampage lands Kingaroy woman in court

A Kingaroy woman has been placed on probation for nine months after using a baseball bat to strike someone as well as causing significant damage to that person’s car.

Mikaela Tasmin Quinn pleaded guilty to one count of assault occasioning bodily harm, one count of going armed to cause fear, one count of obstructing police and once count of wilful damage.

According to the police QP9 the incident occurred on September 25 at approximately 5.30am.

Police prosecutor senior sergeant Pepe Gangemi said police attended a Kingaroy address to apprehend a gentleman who was there and while they were trying to get into the vehicle the defendant got in the way, causing police to use force to get her out of the way.

“What had occurred your honour prior to that at about 5.30 in the morning the victim brought that particular gentlemen round to that address to get clothing from the defendant, there was an argument, the defendant was pushing that gentleman in the chest, he then pinned this defendant to the ground he was taken off by defendant’s brother and mother who came out of the house,” Sen Sgt Gangemi said.

“The defendant has then approached the victim who was sitting inside her motor vehicle, she started yelling at the parties to leave, she had a baseball bat in her hands, she used that to smash the front windscreen, she then hit victim in the arm with the bat which caused bruising, a large bump and bruising on her head as well.

“The passenger side rear window was smashed as well as the side view mirror. The bump on the head was caused by the defendant using the bat in a stabbing motion to hit the victim in the head.”

Gangemi said he was seeking restitution of $1046.50 for the victim and $2303 for alliance for their loss.

Quinn was represented by Jay Rose from Rosegold Legal who said it was a timely plea of guilty.

“On the morning of the offences she had been residing at that address for about two and a half years. She had been subject to significant domestic violence by that male person that attended that home, as your honour heard her mother and brother had to remove him from her and that’s when the baseball bat became involved,” she said.

“The damage to the vehicle arose as to repeated requested to get the victim to leave the property with this male person she refused.

“The first person to attack the car with a bat was not my client, however (the victim) still didn’t leave and that enraged my client who then did the actions referred to in the police facts.

“She is currently seeing a therapist as a result of the traumatic experiences with respect to being exposed to significant domestic violence and ice use by her ex partner.”

Magistrate Andrew Sinclair said Quinn pleaded guilty to the offences and he took that into account along with the circumstances that were explained in relation to the offending.

“Rather than taking events into your own hands, by simply phoning police you wouldn't of been here today,” Magistrate Sinclair said.

“The use of weapons, particularly weapons that damage property and harm people is serious but in your case is out of character given your complete lack of history.

“A period of probation will allow you to be supervised to deal with some of the issues your relationship has left you with.”

Quinn was ordered to pay compensation of $1046.50 to the victim and $2303.50 to Alliance, both referred to SPER.

No convictions were recorded.