A LITTLE TRICKLE: Aerial view of Huntings Bridge leading into Monto as the river swells.
A LITTLE TRICKLE: Aerial view of Huntings Bridge leading into Monto as the river swells. Contributed

Summer falls and green grass in town

WEEKEND rain spread wide across the North Burnett, providing a much needed splash of colour.

Showers across the region were particularly refreshing to residents, many of whom reported totals of over 100mm on the weekend.

Falls of this nature are typical for the mid-summer period, but the Monto area in particular was left thankful, as the past two major rain events in the area had led to major floods.

Tracey Currie reported 98mm of rainfall out at 'Kamara', Bancroft.

"It was just perfect, we were hoping for rain and we got it,” Mrs Currie said.

"We grow lucerne here at home, plus we've got cattle so this certainly takes the pressure off.”

The Curries were in the midst of watering their freshly cut lucerne, so the rain came at an opportune time for them.

They weren't hit as hard by the October floods as others, with only some minor issues like fallen fences.

Nonetheless, Mrs Currie was thrilled that the region finally got some good rainfall without any major flooding attached to it.

"Just going to keep on going, keep doing what we're doing,” she said.

"Sometimes the prayers of a farmer's wife are answered”.

Bukali resident Jeanie Wood recorded 108mm for the weekend, calling it a beautiful start to the year.

"We'd been away at Tamworth and when we got back everything was still hot and dry,” Mrs Wood said.

"Now everything is looking green again, the tanks and dams are full and it was scattered enough that there wasn't any overflow.”

Cania Dam came up 300mm over the weekend according to caretaker Brett Powter, bringing it up to 97.4% capacity.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Anabelle Ford reported the main catchment received 7mm on Friday, spiking to 36mm on Saturday and even further 73mm on Sunday, leading to a total of 116mm.

Gayndah officially recorded 42.6mm of rain, while Biggenden recorded 57mm.

Further north, there was a coastal trough and an upper trough causing a rain band throughout the rain band.

That was enhancing the rainfall, hence why the rain lasted longer in Monto than in the further southern towns.

The rain in the area was caused by a surface trough, enhancing the rainfall.

Temperatures will warm up towards the weekend, but will stay cloudy as the trough dissipates.

This week will stay dry, but forecasters predict another fall over Monday caused by a south-westerly change coming up.