Kingaroy Security Patrol general manager - operations Clayton Searies. Picture: Dominic Elsome
Kingaroy Security Patrol general manager - operations Clayton Searies. Picture: Dominic Elsome

REVEALED: Burnett streets most likely to be theft targets

For more than a decade, Clayton Searies has been working in the security industry – helping residents and businesses alike to protect their property – and he says break-ins have only been getting worse.

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“When I first started the break-ins were very random and minimal,” the Kingaroy Security Patrol general manager said.

“But a lot of the break ins now are on school holidays – I hate to say it but it‘s true. It’s our kids out there breaking into stuff.”

Data from the Queensland Police Service shows the rates of unlawful entry and other theft crimes have, thankfully, been slowly declining over the past two years, but more than 1800 offences were still recorded.

Kingaroy topped the list with 538, followed by Murgon with 516 offences.

Nanango and Cherbourg rounded out the list with 200 and 160 offences respectively.

Across the region, midnight was the most common time for offence to occur.

Clayton Searies said common sense was often the easiest way to ward off opportunistic thieves.

“Lock your stuff up … you just don’t know who’s watching, who’s waiting,” Mr Searies said.

“People get complacent in country towns – ‘It‘ll never happen to me’ sort of thing.

“Some of the elderly people are the main victims because they‘ve lived here their whole lives they’ve never been a victim of crime.”

He also said key safes were an “essential piece of kit for homes.

“One of the best bits of advice I can give to general members of the public would be key safes,” he said.

“Because I know there’s a lot of stolen vehicles going on and to lock your keys up at home is essential.”

Mr Searies also said CCTV systems and alarms were highly effective if homeowners can afford them.

“I’ve had to put in CCTV and alarms (in my own home) … But since the CCTV and alarms have gone in everything just stopped straight away,” he said.

“CCTV is one of the best ways to battle bad neighbours or crime, because once people know those cameras are there they won‘t go anywhere near it.”

For those renting, he said the options were more limited – and while portable CCTV and alarm systems were available, they weren’t always practical.

Instead, he recommended reaching out to neighbours to form close relationships with them.

“Talking to your neighbour is always a good one. Because if you’re all grouped together you become a united entity – if someone’s in the neighbourhood – you know,” he said.

“If you go away – let the neighbours know.”

Kingaroy Security Patrol general manager - operations Clayton Searies. Picture: Dominic Elsome
Kingaroy Security Patrol general manager - operations Clayton Searies. Picture: Dominic Elsome

Break-in hot spots:

Data accessed from Queensland Police by the South Burnett Times has revealed the streets that have been hot spots for break-ins and theft in the passed two years.

See the list below:


Knight St – 34 offences

River Rd – 30 offences

Avoca St – 25 offences

Haly St – 25 offences

King St – 17 offences



Lamb St – 170 offences

Gore St – 33 offences

Smyth St – 13 offences

Goodchild Dr – 12 offences

Macalister – 10 offences



Fitzroy St – 32 offences

Drayton St – 17 offences

D’Aguilar Hwy -17 offences

Palace Ln – 8 offences

Brisbane St – 5 offences



Bligh St – 34 offences

Barambagh Ave – 16 offences

Bell St – 16 offences

Hillview St -13 offences

Bulgi St – 12 offences

Ten tips for home safety from Kingaroy Security Patrol:

  1. Consider An Alarm or CCTV System: A reputable alarm or CCTV system can provide a significant deterrence to criminals targeting your property
  2. Arm Your System: Remember to arm your security system every time you leave work or home.
  3. Locks And Security Doors: Quality door and window locks are essential. Consider quality security screen doors
  4. Update Your Stickers: Make sure thieves know your property is protected by updating your alarm stickers. Contact us if you require additional monitoring or CCTV stickers for your residence or commercial property.
  5. Monitor Your Alarm System: Make sure your alarm system is monitored. Not only will this ensure the best chance of preventing break-ins, but it may also secure you a discount on your home and contents insurance.
  6. Update Your Details: If you are planning a vacation and have a monitored alarm or access control system, please advise us of your plans, and make changes to emergency contacts if required. [email address]
  7. Be Careful About What Your Post Online: It is always exciting to share holiday memories but avoid posting too much information about your travel plans on social media. The wrong people may find out you are away from home and take advantage of your absence.
  8. Do not Leave Signs You Are Away: Remember to cancel your newspaper and other mail services if you are away from home for a long period of time. Ask a neighbour or a friend to check on your property and remove spare keys from outside.
  9. Let There Be Light: Installing automatic sensor lights at the front of your house is not only a great way to deter burglars, but it will also welcome guests to your front door.
  10. Obscure Your Windows: Unfortunately, not every passer-by has good intentions, so make sure to obscure outsiders’ views into your living space.
  11. Hide Your Gift Boxes: That brand new flat-screen TV you just got? The box it came in will attract the attention of thieves just as much as the item itself. Conceal and dispose of boxes in your recycling carefully.

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