The top six areas where council is spending this year.
The top six areas where council is spending this year.

Rate rise funds works

WITH North Burnett Regional Council announcing the 2018-19 budget at Mt Perry last Wednesday, it was revealed that the new financial year would see an increase in rates of 3.5per cent.

This will mean an increase of $107.70 a year for 62per cent of the North Burnett region.

Mayor Rachel Chambers said many areas were taken into account when planning the budget.

She said careful consideration was given to the council's inability to increase its own source revenue due to a law rate base and a heavy reliance on Federal and State Government funding.

"There is never any doubt, no one wants rates to increase,” she said.

"No one around this table, no mums and dads, no pensioner, no business owner and no farmer, yet rates are a tax and must be collected.”

The council has prioritised five key areas in the 2018-19 budget.

It is set to further invest in the asset management planning to recognise funding gaps and future asset and infrastructure needs.

The rate increase will allow the road networks to be improved, with $21million invested in maintaining the road network.

The budget will allow the council to improve liveability in the North Burnett region.

The council will be investing $225,000 in a program that will collect accurate and region-wide data on the road network to ensure that every road is judged equally.

They are also aiming to communicate more effectively and with more transparency.

In order to do this, the council will have a dedicated budget page on the website that will provide information on projects the council is working on and who to contact for information on these projects.

The page will also show if the projects are on time and within budget.

In addition to adopting the 2018-19 budget, Cr Chambers advised that they had adopted a 10-year financial forecast.

The mayor said this plan was to ensure financial stability and sustainability into the future.