GOOD SEASON: Grazier Stuart Kirk (centre) said the rainfall has helped set up a good rest of the season.
GOOD SEASON: Grazier Stuart Kirk (centre) said the rainfall has helped set up a good rest of the season. Adam McCleery

Rainfall widely welcome

THE North Burnett can expect a fairly mundane week of weather after the deluge endured earlier this week, but Bureau of Meteorology forecaster David Bernard said things can change quickly.

"There's not really a strong signal either way for it being a wetter or drier than average season,” Mr Bernard said.

"Our climate models don't tell us anything intelligent for the rest of December to come.”

Parts of the North Burnett were struck with heavy rain early in the week, with roads closed outside Biggenden and Gayndah.

Some areas received 15mm of rain in a few hours.

North Burnett citrus producer Emma Robinson said the rain was perfect.

"The rain has been fabulous for a lot of crops, particularly lemons and limes as they are coming earlier and hitting a better price window,” Miss Robinson said.

North Burnett grazier Stuart Kirk was also happy with the rainfall.

"It was a good amount added to a very good season so far,” Mr Kirk said

"Will be a strong season as long as the rain keep up.”

Temperatures are expected to range between 30 and 36 degrees over the weekend, however, it in unclear what we can expect for the rest of the month.

"The drier air pushed through to the coast which caused temps to drop slightly,” Mr Bernard said.

"A short-term indication doesn't lead to a long-term trend and things can change quickly.

"There are a few unknowns on Saturday and also Sunday.”

Storms are also a possibility this weekend.

"A south-easterly in the south will be contributing to the development of storms in the afternoon, a band of storms could build up anywhere in the southeast,” Mr Bernard said.

He added any likely

storm wouldn't reach the Fraser Coast and Burnett areas until Saturday, if at all.

"It should move through by Sunday. The timing of the build-up will dictate if you see a thunderstorm on Sunday before it clears,” Mr Bernard said.