EXPECTING: Sarah, Nate, and Jonathon Howard-Osborne are excited to welcome the newest member of their family into the world in late May. Photo: contributed
EXPECTING: Sarah, Nate, and Jonathon Howard-Osborne are excited to welcome the newest member of their family into the world in late May. Photo: contributed

PREGNANT IN A PANDEMIC: Local woman shares her story

IN THESE uncertain times a pregnancy could seem more of a scary feat than usual, however this local Christian family has faith and hope for their second child.

During this global health pandemic and with the ongoing threat of coronavirus Darling Downs Health has reassured expecting families that everything will be okay as long as they follow social distancing regulations and take their health seriously.

According to a Darling Downs Health spokesperson there isn't yet a great deal of information available on how coronavirus could affect an unborn child.

"As this is a new virus, we are still learning how it may affect you and your baby," they said.

"It is expected that most pregnant women who get the virus will experience only mild or moderate cold/flu like symptoms.

"The risk of infection passing from mother to baby during pregnancy is thought to be low. So far, the virus has not been shown to pass from the mother to her baby before birth."

Hospitals have been implementing changes to help decrease the risk of mothers contracting coronavirus.

These changes include:

• Providing care in the community rather than in hospital

• Offering care by video or phone

• Limiting the number of support people and visitors coming into the hospital (this will help to reduce the chance of spreading the infection).

• Promoting hand hygiene, other infection control procedures, and social distancing

According to a Darling Downs Health spokesperson the most effective way to ensure a safe pregnancy through this pandemic is to practice social distancing.

Sarah and Nate Howard-Osborne are expecting their second child towards the end of May and are hopeful.

The couple currently reside in Wondai with their first child Jonathon, but are both originally from Kingaroy.

Sarah and Nate have been together for five years and married in 2017. They met when they were about five years old at a church kids group their parents used to take them to.

Jonathon is now two years old and Sarah said she had a perfectly healthy pregnancy with him.

"He was born at Kingaroy Hospital and there were no complications," she said.

"I'm a firm believer in staying healthy to keep my immune system up and I think that helped.

"I'm currently 34 weeks along and we're expecting our second child around May 20.

"So far my pregnancy has been great. Even better than when I had Jonathon.

"I'm seeing the same doctor as with Jonathon and so far have only a few appointments for necessary scans and appointments.

"I like to just let things run their course. My body knows what to do and I like very little intervention."

Sarah said her and her family have hope for a safe and normal pregnancy.

"Coronavirus hasn't really affected it too much. The only thing is not being able to do things or see people," she said.

"It (coronavirus) hasn't created any panic or fear for us. We haven't allowed fear to seek in.

"As a Christian I have full faith in God and that he's looking after us and everything will be okay.

"Our family has been a really good support too. They've been helping out heaps and watching Jonathon while I go to appointments.

"We're just tracking along as usual and are still very excited and hopeful."