OPINION: Time to get off our backsides

LET'S face the facts. We are an unhealthy lot and if we don't get off our backsides we can start looking forward to an early trip in the back of a hearse.

Am I being too harsh?

Well if you think the answer to that is yes, I invite you to go and spend an hour at a busy local doctor's surgery.

After that, take yourself off to the chemist and stand around the prescription counter.

There you will see your fellow citizens shuffling in sneezing and coughing and looking like death warmed up. And don't just observe the old.

Many teenagers look like they have been stuffing themselves with fast food seven days a week while sitting on the lounge playing video games.

I am not just pointing the finger here at others, because I know I must also drop at least 10 unwanted kilos.

The issue for us all is, if this community's health continues to spiral downwards, our health services will crack wide open under the pressure.

They are already stretched to the limit with more and more people being classed as diabetic.

At my home, my wife has changed our menu to healthier options and I have now joined with my daughter for early-morning walks.

The kilos are still stubborn to drop, but my energy levels have increased so I know I am on the right track.

Are you?