OPINION: It's more than sex appeal with Beyonce

WE received an interesting letter to the editor from one of our regulars yesterday.

Mr McBeath isn't someone I normally see eye to eye with, but he does raise an interesting point.

Would Beyonce be as popular if she didn't shake her booty around like a San Fransisco earthquake?

Given the quality (or lack thereof) in the current crop of "popular" music artists, this question certainly has some currency.

Having recently watched the video music awards, I think I can offer a verdict on our friend Mrs Queen B.

As Mr McBeath correctly points out, her performance on the telly wasn't short on the exposed buttock, but here's a bit of a tip for you.

If you want to see how far ahead Beyonce is compared to the rest of the pack, go back and watch Britney Spears' and Rihanna's performances from the same night.

You'll soon realise that there is more to Beyonce than sex appeal. In my opinion, this woman could deck herself out in Wiggles apparel and still expose Britney for the deadset amateur she is.