OPINION: Missing my own special man-cave

BESIDES the chance to stroll along the beach every day the one thing I really miss after moving down from Hervey Bay is my man-cave.

I had a big double bay shed at my former home which I transformed into my area.

My regular jaunts to garage sales resulted in a gym set (which I used four times) , fishing gear, lots of old tools and a work bench filling out my comfort zone.

I'd regularly just go up to the shed open a beer and tinker around with small house projects. I never achieved much, or built anything worthwhile, but it was a great way just to chill out from the pressures of running the Fraser Coast Chronicle.

Unfortunately my back shed in Ipswich is just that, a very small shed, so going up there to chill out would be like locking myself in the toilet.

I was reminded about my man-cave by a press release I received yesterday saying that a survey of 4000 men revealed if they could wish for anything on Father's Day this year it would be for their own special place.

I may just have to wait to get mine back when I finally call it a day and hang up my keyboard.