CONNECTION DRAMA: Frustrated NBN customer Shannon Whelan Eastcott at her home in Mundubbera.
CONNECTION DRAMA: Frustrated NBN customer Shannon Whelan Eastcott at her home in Mundubbera. Philippe Coquerand

Online woes not letting up

IT'S been a frustrating process for NBN customer Shannon Eastcott who has struggled to get communication running at her Mundubbera home.

Mrs Eastcott's house, which is situated opposite the communication towers in town, still barely receives a signal on her transmitter.

"We started the process in January and we were waiting for the NBN to come as we were told it was coming to the region,” she said.

"We didn't put any cables in for ADSL because we wanted to get NBN and after a while it never came and we said 'stuff it, we need internet' and contacted Telstra to come and get all the infrastructure ready for ADSL.

"We contracted to an ADSL bundle and after five months of trying to put the infrastructure in they told us we can't have ADSL now, but they couldn't sell us NBN either as our house wasn't approved for the network.”

The neighbour opposite Mrs Eastcott had NBN that worked fine, so she mad a few calls to see if there were any issues with getting her house connected.

She was told there was no reason she could not have NBN installed.

In June Mrs Eastcott had NBN set up but her woes didn't stop there.

"We started the process with NBN, well getting it up and going wasn't as dramatic as getting ADSL installed but it doesn't work,” she said.

"It will work intermittently and then it won't work at all, or I'll get speeds below one which you can't function on.

"There's moments where I can't do updates on my phone, it won't download 200 megabytes, there is no way you could run a business on it.”

Mrs Eastcott contacted the broadband network more than two weeks ago and was told she would get a phone call 48 hours later.

"I still haven't been called,” she said.

"After putting in all the infrastructure and doing all the trenching I never ended up getting ADSL, and having NBN for two months which doesn't work, it hasn't been a good experience.”

Mrs Eastcott said she was not alone in her NBN woes.

"I think there's too many of us that they just don't care, you feel as though you're just another one in the thousands that aren't happy with the network,” she said.

Lynette Keep, a spokeswoman for NBN, said they conducted tests and couldn't find anything wrong.

"NBN's fixed wireless team have looked into this specific case and say that from our end the performance looks fine; in fact there is no congestion being detected,” Mrs Keep said.

"The performance of the NBN network can be impacted by a number of things outside our control like equipment quality, software, broadband plans and how different service providers design their network.”

Mrs Keep recommended Shannon and customers in a similar position speak to their service provider regarding the ongoing issue.

"It is important the end user should in the first instance speak with their retail service provider, who; if they are unable to rectify the problem, will escalate it to the NBN,” she said.