NQ candidate using TikTok to win votes

A Mount Isa boilermaker and full-blown Aussie larrikin will use social media to his advantage this state election, running as an independent candidate for Traeger.

This is not Craig Scriven's first tilt at the seat. In 2017 he secured 1.7 per cent of the votes, but this time, he's got a plan to take the electorate by storm.

With a mental health-based TikTok campaign already gaining strong support, Mr Scriven will capitalise on his audience to gain support in the election.

With more than 54,000 followers on TikTok, Mr Scriven shares life at the Mount Isa mines and pushes for people to #callyamate between swearwords and "s**ts and giggles".

He's got hundreds of videos that encourage people all over the world to put in a phone call and make sure ya mate is okay.



Mr Scriven said mental health was at the top of his priority list heading into the election.

"But that is a problem that can be slightly addressed by fixing other things that 'may' be causing the issues," he said.

"Regional development must be pushed forward. We need to have job security established over all sectors, not just mining and agriculture. They all go hand-in-hand.

"When the agriculture sector is booming, so does the town. The same goes for mining. When we reach the times that happen from time to time, be that drought or mineral price drops, we need a solid economy in place to carry us over."

Craig Scriven, an independent candidate for Traeger, is a boilermaker by trade.
Craig Scriven, an independent candidate for Traeger, is a boilermaker by trade.

Mr Scriven said Traeger can do better than it has been under incumbent Robbie Katter.

"The all or noting attitude that has been shown towards the sitting government has not done us well," the 52 year old said.

"Even with the balance of power in the incumbents first sitting term, it was not used to its full potential, and negotiations have been far from what would be expected by those of the electorate."

Mr Scriven said he will be at an advantage as an independent.

"With how current politics are going, Labor and LNP are now so close to being the same party that it is very hard to separate them," he said.

"Hence why we have had hung parliaments, or governments that have only won by very few seats.

"Not since the landslide defeat of the Newman government have we had a government with a resounding lead at the ballot box.

"So by being an independent, I am not bound to any party line, I am free to vote on matters that directly affect my electorate in a manner that suits my constituents."

You can follow Mr Scriven on TikTok at trager_independent (misspelt because correct spelling was already taken) or on Facebook at Craig Scriven, independent.





Originally published as NQ candidate using TikTok to win votes

Independent candidate for Traeger Craig Scriven.
Independent candidate for Traeger Craig Scriven.