NAMED: South Burnett’s drug dealers or producers revealed

From a snake and rabbit breeder using cannabis to pay people to do household chores, to a man who turned to drug dealing after losing his job, there’s no shortage of people in our community who produce or supply dangerous drugs in the South Burnett.

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Here are some of Burnett‘s drug suppliers or and producers who have been through the court system recently.


Judge blasts South Burnett meth dealer and father

A single father narrowly avoided spending time in prison after he supplied meth in the Burnett while addicted to the drug himself.

Mark Holton, 53, faced Kingaroy District Court on Monday, February 15, on two charges of supplying a dangerous drug and possession of a mobile phone used in the commission of a crime.

The court was told in May last year, police executed a search warrant at the single father‘s home where they found clip sealed bags that contained 0.1 grams of methylamphetamine, used needles and syringes that had not been appropriately disposed of, and a glass pipe among other things.

Holton‘s mobile phone was also seized.

While the minor drug possession was dealt with in Kingaroy Magistrates court, analysis of his phone led to Holton being charged with supply charges.

On the first count of supply, Holton was sentenced to six months in prison, nine months for the second count of supply, and three months for possessing the phone.

His term was then suspended for three years.

Kingaroy dad sold meth to a friend, faces a potential jail term

Mark William Owens appeared before the Kingaroy District Court for breaching a suspended sentence. Photo/Facebook.
Mark William Owens appeared before the Kingaroy District Court for breaching a suspended sentence. Photo/Facebook.

A Kingaroy man luckily escaped spending Christmas behind bars for careless drug offences, instead of piling another six months on top of his suspended jail sentence.

Mark William Owens, 25, was convicted back in May, 2019, for supplying methamphetamine to a family friend, earning himself $150. Standing before Kingaroy Magistrates Court, he received a six month prison sentence, which was suspended for a period of two years.

In the Kingaroy District Court hearing, prosecutor Alex Stark appeared on behalf of the Crown. He said Owens appeared before the court in relation to a breach of that sentence, namely he was found in possession of cannabis and drug utensils in July of this year.

Owens entered a plea of guilty to both breaching charges.

Mr Stark said although the charges were minor, being a breach of a suspended sentence, they are punishable by imprisonment.

Judge Geraldine Dann extended Owens‘ suspended sentence by a further six months.

“I want to impress upon you that the judge sitting at this bench, if you come in here again, may well look very sternly on your situation. So you must be aware of that in terms of how you manage your life going forward,” she said.

Convictions were recorded.


Wheelchair-bound man set up meth lab for personal use

AN “incomplete quadriplegic” was sentenced to a suspended prison term for producing meth he claimed was to avoid regular enemas.

David Adolf Kuchtin pleaded guilty to ten offences and was sentenced at Kingaroy District Court on August 20.

The charges related to a search warrant executed on December 21, 2016 at Kuchtin‘s home.

During the search police discovered a laboratory Kuchtin admitted he had used a day prior to produce methamphetamine.

Taking into account his circumstances and plea of guilty, Kuchtin was sentenced on the charge of producing a dangerous drug to 18-months imprisonment, wholly suspended for a term of 18 months.



WEED FOR WORK: Woman trades pot for help around the house

After 163 grams of cannabis were located at her address, Sarah Haigh admitted she's been supplying people with cannabis in exchange for completing chores around her house. Photo/Facebook
After 163 grams of cannabis were located at her address, Sarah Haigh admitted she's been supplying people with cannabis in exchange for completing chores around her house. Photo/Facebook

A LOCAL snake, rat and dachshund breeder landed herself in court after police located 163 grams of cannabis at her home, which she‘d been using as payment in return for household chores.

Sarah Emily Lorraine Haigh pleaded guilty to five charges before Murgon Magistrates Court on October 20, 2020, including possessing dangerous drugs, supplying dangerous drugs, possessing drug utensils, possessing unauthorised explosives, and possessing anything used in the commission of a crime, namely a book.

Magistrate Andrew Sinclair placed Haigh on a nine month probation order and no conviction was recorded.


Workplace poisoning leads Kingaroy man down dark path

A KINGAROY man charged with dealing drugs, including to a 17-year-old, turned to selling cannabis after Duboisia poisoning forced him into unemployment.

Graham Tony James, 42, pleaded guilty to 28 charges before Kingaroy District Court on November 19, 2020, including 27 counts of supply and one count of supplying to a minor over a three-month period last year. He supplied a total of 32 grams to 7 people during this time.

Judge Geraldine Dann said, given the circumstances, she was “willing to accept remorse and acceptance of responsibility”.

James’ was placed on an 18 month period of probation and must complete 200 hours of unpaid community service within the next 12 months.

No conviction was recorded.


Elderly man’s bumper dope haul ‘purely for personal use’

A Wattle Camp man began growing his own weed to “self-medicate” with, as he did not want to associate with drug dealers.

Police discovered eight large cannabis plants in the man’s home during a search warrant which lead to the elderly man facing court on drug charges.

Andrew Michael Cope, 61, had an exemplary record before he was charged with production and possession of cannabis as well as possessing a pipe and bong for use of smoking cannabis, possessing two water cans used in the production of cannabis and possessing tainted property, namely a stolen street sign.

The Jobseeker recipient fronted Kingaroy Magistrates Court on July 13, after police executed a search warrant on his home on December 22, 2019.

Cope pleaded guilty to the five charges.

Magistrate Andrew Sinclair accepted Cope’s explanation for his possession of the drugs.

“I accept that these plants were not grown for a commercial purpose, in fact quite the opposite – to stay out of the drug trade,” Mr Sinclair said.

Cope was fined a total of $500 on all charges, referred to SPER.

No conviction was recorded.


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