From a publican who sold drugs to an undercover cop, to a former bank manager jailed for trafficking, here are some of the Burnett's drug dealers.
From a publican who sold drugs to an undercover cop, to a former bank manager jailed for trafficking, here are some of the Burnett's drug dealers.

NAMED: List of Burnett’s drug dealers

FROM a publican who sold drugs to an undercover cop, to a former bank manager jailed for trafficking, our region has had no shortage of men and women who have been charged with supplying dangerous drugs to people in our community.

Here are some of the Burnett's drug suppliers who have been through the court system recently.

Legal professional busted with ice, MDMA during motel search

A FORMER legal secretary found herself on the opposite side of the law when cops busted her with a large amount of methamphetamine and MDMA in a coastal motel.

Mother of two Amy Maree White faced Brisbane Supreme Court in May last year.

Police executed a search warrant of White's Tanawha motel room in October 2017 and found 6.7g of the drug ice and about 3.5g of MDMA, a notepad with information about drug supplies, clip seal bags and two sets of scales.

Officers also found $2450 in cash.

The 36-year-old pleaded guilty to possessing a dangerous drug and was sentenced to two years in jail with immediate parole.

The court heard she did not start using drugs until around the time her marriage broke down while she was living in Kingaroy in 2016.


Town paving ice dealer's path to redemption

AN ice dealer has been on the path to redemption since he moved to a South Burnett town, a court heard in October last year.

Steven Khan Hankin, 25, of Kingaroy, was caught supplying methamphetamine to eight different people over five days in August 2017 at Browns Plains, in amounts up to 1.75g.

Prosecutor Charles Martin told the court that Hankin had an extensive criminal history of crimes as far north as Townsville - but was still just a "street level dealer".

Defence barrister Adrian Braithwaite said that Hankin had got a handle on his substance abuse after he was given bail to Kingaroy in December 2018 and after receiving strong support from the wider community.

Mr Braithwaite produced a lengthy list of references, persuading Justice Martin Burns that there was "hope" for Hankin's rehabilitation.

Hankin - who had already served 110 days in custody while awaiting sentence - was allowed to walk free from prison.

He was sentenced to 12 months' jail wholly suspended.


Former bank manager jailed for drug trafficking

A FORMER bank manager has spent time behind bars after he was caught trafficking ice during a large-scale undercover police operation.

Shaun Joseph Wagner, 31, sold methylamphetamine to a "very large customer base" over 10 months in the South Burnett region to feed his and his wife's ice addiction.

Wagner appeared in Brisbane Supreme Court in December last year, where he was sentenced to three years' jail after pleading guilty to drug trafficking, supplying weapons and another drug offence.

The court was told the Kingaroy man had worked for nine years for National Australia Bank, rising up the ranks to become a bank manager.

In 2018, Wagner became the subject of a five-month police operation in which he sold 50g of ice to an undercover officer.

His defence argued he had shown significant co-operation with police, making full disclosures to officers about his trafficking, and had stopped taking drugs of his own accord.



Publican sentenced after supplying drugs to undercover cops

A NORTH Burnett publican dealt more than 38g of marijuana to covert police officers over three separate occasions in 2019. 

Gayndah Magistrates Court heard the covert officers asked Barnicoat if she knew where they could "get on", a slang term for buying drugs, and she advised them she could supply them with marijuana.

Barnicoat dealt to the officers in increasing increments: 2.24g, 6.62g, then 29.37g.

She was charged with three counts of supplying dangerous drugs and one count each of possessing dangerous drugs and possessing a used utensil.

Barnicoat pleaded guilty to the five drug charges as well as a charge of failing to appear in accordance with an undertaking.

She was sentenced to 18 months' probation for the drug charges but escaped additional punishment from the failure to appear charge.