Passers by copped an eyeful as a naked man wandered down the street yelling at women. File Photo.
Passers by copped an eyeful as a naked man wandered down the street yelling at women. File Photo.

‘Naked’ pedestrian yells at women, smashes KFC window

Passers-by witnessed more than they bargained for one Wednesday night out as a very angry and equally naked man ventured down the street naked yelling at women, before shattering a KFC window.

The 40-year-old defendant pleaded guilty to four charges before Kingaroy Magistrates Court, including wilful and unlawful damage, a public nuisance, contravening a domestic violence order, and failing to surrender into custody.

On October 28, 2020, police were called to the corner of Ingham road and Percy street at Garbutt, following reports of a seething streaker.

“There were reports of a naked man wandering the streets, yelling and screaming and walking into traffic,” police prosecutor Sergeant Pepe Gangemi said.

Police located the defendant a short time later, who told them he was going home.

“At 4.25 that morning, police spotted a male person making threats toward two females. The defendant approached the IGA shopping centre and two girls. He called them “f--king sl-ts” and was yelling and screaming,” Sergeant Gangemi said.

A short time later, police were advised of a man trying to break into the drive through area of the Garbutt KFC. On arrival police found the drive through window shattered.

CCTV footage identified the defendant as the perpetrator.

The domestic violence matter dates back to December 19, 2020, after the aggrieved, who was sleeping at the time, heard tapping on her bedroom window.

“The defendant yelled ‘I can see you there’. She got up and saw the defendant. He asked for money,” Sergeant Gangemi said.

The defendant was represented by Alan Korobacz, who said up until three years ago his client had an excellent work history.

“There were some family issues with his wife and he eventually started to disengage from work,” Mr Korobacz said.

“He was an outstanding rugby player, represented Wide Bay, but once this relationship deteriorated he threw in the towel and started on the drugs and alcohol.”

Magistrate Andrew Sinclair sentenced the defendant to prison probation order, which will see him spend two months in actual custody before being released on probation for a further 18 months.

“If I let people who breach domestic violence orders just keep doing it, there’s no point making it,” Magistrate Sinclair said.

“I think an actual period of imprisonment is required as a deterrence and reminder to yourself that you simply can’t breach these orders.”

Convictions were recorded for all offences.