I HAVE written in this column before about our pet dog Oscar.

He is a 10 year old Maltese terrier we purchased from a farm owner near Boonah.

He's really our teenage daughter's dog, but as every parent knows when your kids become teenagers the dog becomes your responsibility.

While he has caused us some heartaches over the years he's a good little friend who is happy to follow you around the house and sit quietly by your feet when you take a seat.

Lola from Riverview had a dog that reminded me a lot of our Oscar. For six years he had been her companion, but now he is gone.

Tiny was ripped apart by larger dogs that had somehow got into her yard.

As well as losing her dog Lola also got hit with a $2000 veterinary bill after frantic attempts to save Tiny failed.

I don't want to think about how I would react if Oscar was to die in the same manner.

It's a reminder that every dog owner has a responsibility to keep their pets secured.

It's too late to say sorry once something like this happens.