Mud ruins water for drinking at Mingo Crossing

13th April 2017 2:41 PM
HIVE OF ACTIVITY: Mingo Cross Recreational facilities now draws many visitors since its reopening following the floods.Photo Contributed WATER ISSUES: Mingo Crossing caravan park has no clean drinking water. Contributed

MINGO Crossing Caravan Park patrons have been left without clean drinking water, after mud washed into the site's treatment system.

The mud affected the park's water treatment infrastructure, North Burnett Regional Council technical services manager Trevor Harvey said.

"Unfortunately the water storage system at Mingo Crossing is not drinkable,” Mr Harvey said.

"There was a fair bit of clean water in those taps beforehand, so the water looks clean.”

The council said there would be no way to make the water drinkable until after Easter and asked the owners to turn off the water supply until then.

"The sewerage system is still functional, the main concern is drinkable water,” Mr Harvey said.

"(The) council is looking at options to keep the park operational, including flushing out pipes and trucking water.”

In the meantime, the council and Mingo Crossing Caravan Park are looking

to advise visitors of the current water issues and to act accordingly.

"We are informing

visitors to bring drinking water into the park until the issue is dealt with,” Mr Harvey said.

"Water is safe to shower in but shouldn't be used for ingestion, teeth cleaning and cooking.”