Police speak to witnesses after an attack in East Mackay this morning.
Police speak to witnesses after an attack in East Mackay this morning.

Man suffers serious head injuries after shocking attack

A BLOODY and serious assault in East Mackay has left a middle-aged man in hospital with a possible fractured skull.

The peace and quiet of a weekend morning in Kippen St was shattered early Saturday when a father of two was left bleeding and confused following an attack with a metal pole.

The man had gone outside after hearing noises when he was hit in the head with the pole which left him bleeding profusely.

Police said the man's wife saw a person rummaging through their car and, when the man confronted the stranger, he was struck over the head with what is believed to be a metal pole.

The resident suffered serious head injuries and his wife drove him towards Mackay Base Hospital where they met an ambulance en route.

A Queensland Ambulance Service spokeswoman said the man was taken to hospital in a stable condition.

A police spokeswoman said it was believed the man suffered a fractured skull.

An axe suspected of being used in a home invasion in Kippen Street in East Mackay
An axe found in a neighbouring yard of an East Mackay home where a man suffered a serious head injury.

It was reported the armed offender, who has yet to be apprehended, was seen wandering around the canal area armed with a crowbar.

An axe was later discovered on the front lawn of a neighbouring home which the police had yet to examine.

Police declared a crime scene outside the house after cordoning off the area and said the details of the crime were still being investigated.

Neighbour Lyall Swafter said he was shocked by the incident as the street was generally quiet although he does remember the affected neighbours, who had immigrated to Mackay from Africa, previously being the victims of crime when cars were stolen from their lot.

Other neighbours who did not want to be identified, however, said they were not surprised by the incident as crime was increasing even in the good areas of Mackay.

The distraught wife of the victim, fighting back tears, declined to be interviewed.