A Kingarory man faced court on drink driving and driving without due care charges. Photo/File
A Kingarory man faced court on drink driving and driving without due care charges. Photo/File

Kingaroy man caught speeding and drunk with kids in car

A Kingaroy man who got behind the wheel more than twice the blood alcohol limit was caught by police speeding with his two young kids in the back seat.

Anthony Ian Coupe pleaded guilty to one charge of driving without due care or attention and one charge of driving under the influence of liquor at Kingaroy Magistrates Court.

The court heard on December 27 in Memerambi, Coupe was observed by police driving 128km/h in a 100 zone.

According to the police prosecutor senior sergeant Pepe Gangemi, police were doing mobile patrols on Couchmans Road when a black Toyota Carola drove past police at high speeds.

“It came very close to the police vehicle, police activated lights to see if he would stop, he didn’t stop, police did a U-turn, saw vehicle continue without slowing,” Sen Sgt Gangemi said.

“When police approached the vehicle they saw the defendant as the driver with two small children aged seven and five in the back.

“He had reading of 0.177 and had been drinking since 8am in the morning.

“This kind of driving with young children that reading the fact he had been drinking all day might elevate him to perhaps a suspended sentence, in my submission it would be at least a community based order.”

Coupe represented himself and said he regretted his actions.

“Hearing it back, I’m ashamed of myself and my actions, it was stupid,” Coupe said.

“I have two children of my own in my care, I work a full time job, since the day after the incident I contacted a local AA group and have been seeing that.

“I regret my actions, that needed to happen to be a wake up call for me and my drinking.”

Magistrate Andrew Sinclair ordered Coupe to enter into a 12 month period of probation and disqualified him from holding or obtaining a licence for 12 months.

No conviction was recorded.