A South Burnett woman was suffocated after accidently knocking over her boyfriends XBox. File Photo.
A South Burnett woman was suffocated after accidently knocking over her boyfriends XBox. File Photo.

‘I’ll kill you’: Woman suffocated after knocking over Xbox

After accidentally knocking over her boyfriend’s Xbox while cleaning his house, a South Burnett woman was dragged across the room by her hair and suffocated with two pillows.

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Standing before the Kingaroy District Court, the 37-year-old man pleaded guilty to four charges including common assault (domestic violence offence), assault occasioning bodily harm (DV offence), suffocation (domestic violence offence), and contravening a domestic violence order.

Crown prosecutor William Slack said the aggrieved attended the defendant’s home on the evening of June 20, 2020, with all four offences occurring the following morning.

“Complainant arrived at the defendant‘s house the night before. She was cleaning and accidentally knocked the Xbox off the cabinet. (He) said ‘you’re f--ked now’ and grabbed her by the hair,” Mr Slack said.

“He dropped her on the ground at the Xbox, and as she tried to fix it, he kicked her in the vagina from behind.

“She tried to get up but he wouldn’t let her. He then punched her in the side, back, front of the head. This went on for several minutes and he kept calling her a ‘maggot’, ‘scum’, and a ‘worthless piece of sh-t’.”

As she attempted to mend the Xbox, he again grabbed her by the hair and dragged onto the bed, and punched her in the breast a number of times where she had a pre-existing lump.

While she was on her back, Mr Slack said the defendant then pushed his knees into her stomach and began suffocating her with two pillows, causing her to feel weak and fear for her life.

“She thought she was going to die and she felt very weak and tight in the chest as a result,” Mr Slack said.

The defendant then picked up an axe from the TV cabinet and swung it at the aggrieved, saying “I’m going to kill you” and that he’d break her jaw if she moved from the bed.

When the defendant briefly left the room to go outside, the aggrieved took the opportunity to escape. Mr Slack said she was found running down the street by a neighbour, her clothes torn.

As a result of the attack, which took place over a number of hours, the complainant suffered bruising to her legs, tenderness to her shoulder, and observed blood in her urine for a number of days.

Barrister Robert Glenday appeared on behalf of the defendant, instructed by J.A. Carroll Solicitors.

Referring to his client’s criminal history in relation to domestic violence, Mr Glenday said “he clearly has problems with his anger management and a problem when he’s in relationships with people”.

“He suffers from anxiety, depression and bipolar, and is clearly in need of some mental health support,” he said.

Mr Glenday said his client disclosed to him that he was also using methamphetamine at the time, and while this is not an excuse, may have contributed to the violent nature of the offending.

“He’s embarrassed and ashamed about it, and (his drug use) needs addressing as well, although he has taken it upon himself while he’s been in jail to do that,” he said.

Taking into account the 248 days already served in pre-sentence custody, Judge Gary Long S.C. sentenced the defendant to a three year jail term with an immediate parole release date (February 25).

“You demeaned her with the derogatory terms that you used on her and you showed complete contempt for her,” Judge Long said.

“And you resorted to the protracted use of violence towards her.

“While there are relatively minor physical injuries and no victim impact statement, your conduct was very likely to have caused her great distress.”

Convictions were recorded.

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