If you're over 40, this IVF study delivers tough news

WOMEN over 40 hoping to use IVF to fall pregnant have less than an 11 per cent chance of success in their first cycle, according to a new study.

The study published in the Medical Journal of Australia is the first based on repeated implantation cycles rather than on single cycles.

Women often have extra embryos frozen in case the initial implantation does not result in a successful pregnancy, yet clinics still report success rates based on single implantations.

Cropped image of beautiful pregnant business woman holding her hands on her belly while sitting at home

The new more "meaningful" data shows that while a woman under 30 has a 43.7 per cent chance of a live birth after one cycle of treatment, the success rates for that age can be as high as 92.8 per cent by the seventh cycle.

But the rate of success decreases substantially as women get older, and also as the cycle number increases.

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