INFO: Bootlace was a Black Labrador like the on pictured.
INFO: Bootlace was a Black Labrador like the on pictured. Will Hunter

Gayndah's own canine folk hero

THE North Burnett had its own canine folk tale in the vein of the popular Australia story 'Red Dog' and just like the popular film, stories about 'Bootlace' fall in the grey area between fact and fiction.

This is a question be put forward by the North Burnett Regional Council to the wider community.

Council is seeking any information on the local community dog which came to be known as 'Bootlace'.

The information about 'Bootlace' gathered so far includes his breed, a fat black Labrador and he belonged to the community.

He was fed by the local butcher at what is now know the Gayndah Meat Hall and was also a frequent visitor of the local cafe before being 'adopted' by a butcher named Bishop.

When 'Bootlace' passed on it is said he was buried at the cemetery in the monumental section before being moved to the lawn area while others say he was buried at the Gayndah Court House.

He also accompanied local children to school and was known to be apart of the local town band.

Council is seeking information to clarify these stories about 'Bootlace' in order to separate fact from fiction.

If you have any information contact council on 1300696272.