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EXPLAINED: Why Burnett land was not valued this year

LAND valuations for the South and North Burnett regions have remained the same as little change has occurred in the areas.

The most recent land valuations, South Burnett in 2016 and North Burnett in 2017, will remain current until the next evaluation, which is used to calculate the local government rates, state land tax and state land rental values.

Area manager for the Burnett region Darryl Gaedtke said that after consulting with North and South Burnett local authorities and councils, both were of the opinion that no evaluation was required this year.

A market survey of residential and rural markets of the region was also undertaken, looking at the volume of change in land use, he said.

"The valuer general determined there was insufficient market movement to warrant an evaluation and the North and South Burnett were not included in the program for this year and we went ahead with 22 local government areas," MrGaedtke said.

The same process will occur mid-year, consulting with councils and reviewing markets across all 62 of Queensland's rateable government areas for possible inclusion in the 2019 land valuation program, MrGaedtke said.