A Cherbourg man will spend time behind bars after damaging several Murgon businesses. Photo/File
A Cherbourg man will spend time behind bars after damaging several Murgon businesses. Photo/File

Drunken ‘rampage’ with sign lands Cherbourg man in prison

A CHERBOURG man will spend time in prison after using a road sign to smash eight glass shop front windows in Murgon.

Nathaniel Dynevor, 32, pleaded guilty to eight counts of wilful damage at Kingaroy Magistrates Court.

The court heard in the early hours of November 15, he used a road sign found on Lamb Street to attack eight Murgon businesses, causing $13,468 in damages.

Police prosecutor Senior Sergeant Barry Stevens said he would be submitting for 9-12 months imprisonment.

Dynevor was represented by Bonnie Djordjevic who told the court the context surrounding the string of offences.

“I’m instructed Mr Dynevor and his partner had been together for six months and a couple of days ago they found out his partner had lost their baby, had a miscarriage. They started drinking and very clearly drank too much to the point she was arrested by police and he tried to see her and when he wasn't able to he went on this rampage through Lamb Street,” Mrs Djordjevic said.

“He instructs he is very, very sorry for his behaviour and that it’s not like him to commit those kinds of offences.

“It’s the first wilful damage he has got on his record. He has got history but not this kind of offending. It’s an extremely early plea of guilty on the first appearance and once he was arrested he was cooperative with police to a degree.”

Magistrate Andrew Sinclair said he took into account the early plea of guilty and co-operation with police.

“It’s difficult to establish from the facts whether you caused the damage because you were frustrated at not being let in or whether you wished to commit the offences in order to be sent to the watch house to be in the company of your girlfriend,” Magistrate Sinclair said.

“Whatever reason you had for wishing to attack these businesses, it’s a very serious offence, you have nine pages of criminal history. That history commences the year you turned 18.

“People who choose to be and remain alcoholics for a number of years and commit serious offences causing disruption and mayhem to other citizens can expect I will protect the citizens of Queensland by locking them away so they can’t harm other people or their property.

“You are sentenced in relation to each one of these offences to six months imprisonment. You’re entitled by the virtue of your early plea of guilty to be released on parole, set after one third in the conventional manner, to be released on parole 16 January, 2021.”

Dynevor was ordered to pay restitution to each complainants to the amounts listed totalling $13,468, referred to SPER.

Convictions were recorded.