Graham Carlyon teeing off at the Mundubbera golf course.
Graham Carlyon teeing off at the Mundubbera golf course. Philippe Coquerand

Country retains trophy cup

GOLF: IT WAS the devastating flood in 2013 that saw Brisbane golfer Dan Williams instigate a competition between the city and the country in Mundubbera.

Golfer Mark Williams said it was his brother who came up with the idea as a way of "binding together during the difficult times.”

"After the big floods in Mundubbera, my brother Dan Williams felt like he wanted to do something to show solidarity and came up with the idea of playing golf,” he said.

The results for the day ended with a tie, however as the Mundubbera golf club claimed the win in 2016, they were allowed to keep the trophy.

"We had a draw overall, basically six teams went out, two teams from the country won, two teams from the city won and the last two was squared,” Williams said.

"The competition raises money for different charities every year with this year's one helping the rotary club of Brisbane.”

Mundubbera Golf Club president Graham Carlyon said the competition was a huge success despite several events clashing on the day.

"We had six teams of golfers come out and play the city vs country competition, it's always a great event,” Carlyon said.

"The city golfers were very enthusiastic, they're like us, some play a lot of golf, others play socially and then you have some who play for the pure enjoyment of the sport.”

Williams said "they've vowed to reclaim the jacket and the trophy cup next year.”

More than 20 players competed in the 18-hole competition in Mundubbera.