OPINION: Pets at work? A few more paws in the office

HAVE you ever thought about bringing your pet dog or cat to work one day?

I do realise that if you happen to be a nurse that may be a difficult assignment, but there are plenty of workplaces where your pet could be a welcome visitor.

It seems that bringing your pet to work is becoming a topic some business places are embracing.

Animal behaviourist, Dr Jo Righetti, says pets play a huge role in our lives and for many owners and their pets long work days apart can be difficult, and sometimes even stressful.

She says allowing workers to bring their pets with them as they work provides pets with the company and mental stimulation that they crave, while their owner and their colleagues benefit from the well-researched advantages of having pets in the workplace.

While the idea is new to me I received a press release yesterday from Purina petcare telling me that almost 30 per cent of Australian workers say their workplace is already pet-friendly, with a quarter of office workers reporting that they have the option to bring their pet to work with them.

If the QT adopted the policy I know that our fluff ball Oscar would enjoy meeting all the staff, although I am not sure how he would go interacting with other cats and dogs.

It could certainly make for an interesting day at the salt mine.