Look One: Blazer Dress.
Look One: Blazer Dress.

Channel the inner stylist for winter inspiration

If you're struggling for winter fashion inspiration, sometimes you need to look outside your usual ensembles to spark that style fire. Model and stylist Jess Marshall knows a thing or two about being adventurous with your wardrobe and never being afraid to lead the pack when it comes to trends.

She's picked a few of her favourite winter looks from Uniqi Boutique, which can be modified to suit individual styles with simple tweaks.

Look One: Blazer Dress

"This versatile statement piece can be worn as a blazer or a dress and can be styled back with thigh-high boots,” Jess says. Investing in a blazer dress means you simultaneously nab a stylish corporate outfit that can easily roll into the night. If you're not comfortable going bottomless, pair with any thin material pant or stockings or even a mini skirt.

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Look Two: Distressed and Lace.

Look Two: Distressed and Lace

Mixing textures is big this winter, especially contrasting textures such as lace and distressed denim. Go for the same colours to create a cohesive look, Jess says. "Pairing a soft, feminine piece with distressed denim for contrast creates an all white outfit.”

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Look Three: Emerald Green.

Look Three: Emerald Green

This stunning shade has certainly made its way to the fashion forefront, but if you're worried that it stands out too much to wear and wear again, Jess says you can use styling to create different looks.

"Emerald green is an up and coming trend for the warmer months but why not jump on board early with a wrap dress made edgy with a leather jacket and black boots,” she says.

For more warmth you can add black tights or change up the colour of your accessories for a fresh look.

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