BIG TIME: Monto High School kids at the Ekka Showgrounds.
BIG TIME: Monto High School kids at the Ekka Showgrounds. Contributed

Cattle Club kids off to the Ekka

IT'S a big week ahead for members of the Monto State High School Cattle Club, who made the trip to the Brisbane Ekka to compete in cattle events.

A total of 11 students from the high school journeyed to Brisbane on Sunday to get ready for the steer weighing and washing on Monday.

Many of these students had won placements in previous shows since this year's Cattle Club started back around March.

The school competitions started in full on Tuesday with paraders, young judging and school steer judging.

The high school purchased cattle to run in the show from local farmers around the area.

Two came from RonGoody, the other two came from Girlie Goody.

Agriculture teacher TobyWorley said after a string of good results at regional shows, the kids were ready for it.

"They had some good results at Junior Beef at Rocky show, which was the last one,” Mr Worley said.

"We've only got a small group but we should be able to compete against some of those bigger schools from Brisbane and Toowoomba.”

Mr Worley said the cattle were in good condition, though he would've liked one to have been finished a bit more.

"He'll be competitive down there, if he'd just had 30 more days on grain, he'd be unstoppable.”

For the kids heading out, the Ekka show is the big event they've been working toward throughout the year.

Some, like Bryce Baldwin, were pretty casual about it.

"I'm just looking forward to getting out there, competing in all the events,” Bryce said.

Others, like Willis Bygrave, were keen to show what they'd learned to the crowd.

"I reckon leading in front of everyone will be pretty fun,” Willis said.

The students will be participating at the Ekka events until Sunday, August13.