Burnett River Rail Trail a hit with riders

9th August 2017 1:26 PM
The chance to take thier mountain bikes on the rail trail was very appealing for the visitors. Riders take a break while exploring the proposed Burnett River Rail Trail from Reid's Creek to Philpott. Contributed

A GROUP of Gayndah Heritage Railway Rail Trail members have completed the 30km stretch of the proposed Burnett River Rail Trail from Reid's Creek to Philpott.

The group was led by Dave McCleod, who compiled a report during the ride.

He said the trail had tremendous scenic value from the bridges to the natural environment surrounding the trail.

"It is particularly significant because of the scenic value of the corridor as it follows the Burnett River from Reid's Creek to Mundubbera,” Mr McCleod said.

"Many trails tend to be point to point with the destination rather than the journey being of the greatest interest. Here it is all about the journey.”

Mr McLeod said the scenery ensured the ride was interesting for the group and ultimately influenced their final report on the standard of the trail.

"We took far longer to ride the distance than usual,” Mr McCleod said.

"The ever-changing panorama across the flooded river near the weir to the huge sweeping sand banks further upstream, the rocky hillside near the old ballast siding, the different creeks we crossed constantly grabbed our attention.”

Another unique feature to the trail is located at the end point of the 30km ride the team completed.

"At Philpott Creek there were the Blue Rocks formations and huge waterholes for recreational and water-based activities,” Mr McCleod said.

Mr McLeod said there is evidence of the region's architectural history dotted along the track, which offers a different experience.

"The bridges, three timber trestle, eight steel and concrete, were particularly surprising,” he said.

"Both the number of them and their varying constructions and when these are finally ready for trekkers it would be an incredible experience riding/walking over them.”

Many of the group members have travelled on other rail trails, from Brisbane Valley and southeast Queensland to the South Island of New Zealand.

"Collectively we have cycled a number of rail trails between us,” Mr McCleod said. "This trail would be up there.”