East Mackay house fire extinguished

Update 1.21pm: 

 A BLAZE that started in an old Queenslander style house in McIntyer Street this morning has been extinguished.

Station Officer Ian Kelly said three Queensland Fire and Rescue vehicles responded to the fire at 11.40am this morning where they found the second level of the home entirely engulfed by flames.

"The second level of the house was entirely engulfed and we had to go straight into action," Mr Kelly said.

"In about 20 minutes we had the fire under control and had that property secured and then we were able to take access to the top level and extinguish and we had that out within another 20 minutes of entering the building."

Mr Kelly said at this point the cause of the fire which started in one of the bedrooms is unknown.

Fire investigators are expected to analyse the house tomorrow.

The house which is "destroyed" was occupied at the time of ignition Mr Kelly said.

"On our arrival all of the residents were out of the house and we were able to obtain the information that was there was no one on the inside, so we were able to let that house burn and protect the property on the northern side," he said.

Update 12.40pm :

THE blaze at an East Mackay home is under control after three Queensland Fire and Rescue teams responded to the fire.

No more flames can be seen from the building although fighter fighters are still inside the premises.

All emergency services remain at the scene.



THREE teams of firefighters are on the scene of a large house fire in East Mackay.

Ergon teams have arrived at 18 McIntyre Street where Queensland Fire and Rescue are working to contain the blaze.

The street is closed for traffic with other officials on the scene.

Bystanders have gathered to watch.