The booming industry needing more employees


WHILE Australia battles with the loss of many businesses and mass unemployment as a result of COVID-19, one industry is booming and needs more employees across the country.

A range of jobs are available from meat process workers to warehouse clerks, from a casual basis to full-time, as food industry providers are trying to meet the recently increased level of demands.

Food Industry People Group national operations manager Brian Hyslop said production was ramping up for food industry providers, with ongoing, reliable incoming being offered as a result.

"People would have seen the supermarket shelves," Mr Hyslop said.

"In addition to that, they're increasing their numbers because of the concerns around COVID-19."

Roles such as meat processing work are available at the moment.
Roles such as meat processing work are available at the moment.

He said the providers were increasing their workforce now to ensure they had fully trained, already working staff members to fill slots that might open due to employees falling ill.

"What majority of our clients are doing is carrying additional numbers to compensate for that, to ensure they can maintain their production levels," he said.

In Southeast Queensland, there are currently eight jobs advertised on the Food Industry People website within Brisbane and the southern suburbs, as well as three in the Lockyer/Somerset regions, two across the Toowoomba/Darling Downs region, and one on the Gold Coast.

Mr Hyslop said many roles were entry-level, so training would be provided at the beginning of employment to get workers up to speed.

Worldskills competition for butchers. Meat, Beef. Butcher. August 2019
There are roles in the industry available across the country. Bev Lacey

"If a person has a good work history, and there's no issues in relation to suitability, there's opportunities there for everyone that is available," he said.

"We're obviously watching what's going on and we're seeing the lines at Centrelink.

"Although the food industry or working in food production may not be everyone's first choice, this is an opportunity for people to have ongoing, reliable income through this period and we have the positions available."

To find what jobs are available and apply online or call 1800 380 833.

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