Claire Hung with her kids Madelyn and Olivia.
Claire Hung with her kids Madelyn and Olivia.

Baby on board: How to choose a family car

Throughout life as our circumstances change, so do our priorities, and there are few bigger changes than starting a family. As a result, our car is also likely to change, but with an abundance of options available in the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Buying a car is rarely an entirely rational, unemotional process and we may get carried away by the latest features.

So, take a little time to work out your wants, needs and budget. Safety, comfort, space and practicality should be top of the list of essentials. When it comes to finding a safe ride, you should check ANCAP ratings or Used Car Safety Ratings for second-hand vehicles.

Don’t assume the car you like will accommodate your family. Before signing on the dotted line take your child seats with you to the dealer and make sure they fit, and check the boot is big enough for your pram and whatever else you need to carry.

You can find more helpful tips on “Choosing a Family Car” on RACQ’s website.

By doing a little research and equipping yourself with the right information, you’ll find the perfect car for this new life adventure.