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Kazoo The Lookout Window Desert Sand Bed For Cats 32x56cm


Date listed: 24/3/2014

KAZOO THE LOOKOUT WINDOW CAT BED DESERT SAND 32X56CMThe Kazoo Lookout Window Cat Bed is so comfy and enticing, if it could support human weight we'd be lying on it in a flash.Every cat loves finding a good spot in the sun, usually under a window or on the windowsill. This portable bed will get them right up into the action so they can have the best of both worlds. Easy to attach to any window, the bed has suction cups and extenders attached to the corners which allows for easy installation. Safe and secure, the bed gives your cat a sturdy platform to rest on and watch the world. Once they're done looking out one window, the bed can be moved simply and quickly to another window in the house.Versatile in a Dessert Sand light brown colour, this bed is sufficiently padded for extra comfort. It will look great in any room.Dimensions:32cm x 56cmThis bed will be a great addition to your cat's lounge collection and is 'purrfect' for daytime naps.

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