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Bono Fido Cat Scratcher Kitty Suite


Date listed: 24/3/2014

BONO FIDO CAT SCRATCHER KITTY SUITEThe Bono Fido Cat Scratcher Kitty Suite has a modern design without the hefty price tag. In a cylindrical shape, the scratcher features a little hidey hole for your cat to hang out in as well as four key scratching posts at the base and on top. If your cat enjoys surveying their surroundings, then they'll enjoy the platform on top of the unit which allows them to sit tall or curl up for a cat nap.Made specifically in neutral colours to suit any room's decor, the scratcher is white and brown in colour. Manufactured from durable materials with high quality carpet, the scratcher is safe to use so your cat won't get their paws stuck or caught anywhere. Dimensions:42CM X 42CM X 106CM (Centre pole has a 12cm diameter) Save your furniture and don't compromise on design - get your cat a Bono Fido scratcher today!

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